5 More Business Tools to Help Your Company Scale Up

Posted by The Align Team on Feb 8, 2017 8:06:00 AM

When it comes to growing a successful company, you can never have too many weapons in your arsenal. While we’ve already identified 6 resources to help your team stay aligned, check out 5 more business tools to help your company scale up.

Many of these tools were designed by start-up companies themselves, so the founders understand the unique challenges and pain points of running a newer or smaller company.


1) Customer Service

Several solutions have emerged to help companies better manage their customer support. From dedicated customer service representatives who communicate with clients and customers on your behalf, to online live chat software, there are a variety of tools available to improve your customer service, maintain long-lasting client relationships, and keep engagement and satisfaction levels high.

2) Scheduling

Never worry about missing an important meeting again! With the variety of calendar and scheduling apps on the market, it’s easier than ever to organize meetings and get all your attendees on the same page. These tools allow you to avoid redundant email chains trying to find a good time for everyone and can help you arrange important events with no hassle.

Learn more on why improved communication can set your company up for success.

3) User Testing

As all Software as a Service (SaaS) companies know, user-testing is an important step in your development process. There are now a variety of tools which connect companies with actual, anonymous users to test your website, app, or product and give their input. Once you’ve received their feedback, other tools allow you to get the stats on your product and see what bugs you need to work out.

4) Hiring Process

More and more, companies are incorporating innovative methods to interview candidates and hire new employees. Options include applications to help you run background checks, online platforms to locate available freelancers, and databases of per-project contractors. These solutions make it simple to find high-quality workers across the globe and make sure they’re a good fit for your company.

5) Industry Specific 

Whether you run an automotive shop or a salon, there’s a tool out there specifically-designed with your industry in mind. While some industries will have more on the market to help you stay aligned to your business goals than others, many types of businesses now have apps to facilitate your processes and enable scaling up. While this compilation lists only a few of the existing business tools to help your company scale up, a little bit of research can often help company leaders find exactly what they’re looking for.

For a tool to help your organization better plan and set your goals, check out our free strategic one-page plan template.


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