5 Qualities You Need in A+ Team Members

Posted by The Align Team on Jan 13, 2017 11:12:31 AM

If you’re ready to start scaling up, you need the right people on board to help you get there. Your ideal team member is in the job pool, but it can be difficult to find the people that will knock it out of the park. The next time you interview, keep in mind these 5 qualities you need in A+ team members. When hiring, try to look for employees who embody these top traits:

5 Qualities of A+ Team Members


1) Adaptable

When your company starts growing quickly, priorities and tasks can change in an instant. Harvard Business Review explains that a company’s adaptability is now considered a competitive advantage. To accommodate your rapidly-shifting needs, you need someone who can be flexible and doesn’t balk at the idea of change.

2) Strong Communicator

It’s been said before, but strong communicators are more likely to be good leaders and find it easier to connect with colleagues. Since how well your team communicates with each other can greatly affect how well your team aligns to your company’s overall goals, you need team members who can clearly articulate their ideas and make information easy-to-understand.

3) Reliable

If you’re going to execute strategically on your goals, you need someone you can depend on to be there and get their work done. Reliability is consistently cited as one of the most important traits employees need to have, no matter what their profession is.  Everyone has known that one employee who always has an excuse for being late, not finishing a project, etc. To see true success, you’ll need someone you can rely on every step of the way.


4) Detail-Oriented

Details can make or break your success on a project. Just as many companies will turn away applicants who have typo-ridden resumes, your clients and customers will quickly lose faith in your company if your work isn’t top-notch. To avoid disorganized projects and losing track of vital information, you need detail-oriented team members on board.

5) Proactive

Your leadership team and managers have a lot going on. To make their lives easier and avoid micromanaging, you need to hire people who can take initiative with the tasks they are assigned. These are the people who are constantly coming up with new ideas and finding ways to innovate in your company. When your team is busy trying to manage tons of different departments, projects, and people, proactive employees can improve your productivity and streamline employee management.

The next time you start looking to add to your team, consider focusing on employees who embody these top traits. With A+ team members on your side, you will be well on your way to achieving consistent revenue and scaling up today.

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