How Collaborative Task Management Helps Your Company

Posted by The Align Team on Apr 7, 2017 9:49:00 AM

When your team works together to get projects completed, you can achieve your goals faster, smarter, and more efficiently. That’s why many companies are starting to use business software that allow for collaborative task management which helps them communicate quickly, monitor their team’s progress, and execute strategically.

What Is Collaborative Task Management?


Collaborative task management is when teams work collectively to complete projects, meet company targets, and move the business forward.

Many types of business management software offer collaborative task management as a key feature to help companies of all sizes manage their company priorities and see how their teams are doing on a day-to-day basis. Check out the video below for a look at how you can manage your tasks using our Align software.


How Can Collaborative Task Management Help My Team?


Working together to solve communal problems can benefit your team in many ways. First off, you’ve got multiple people in the picture. That means that from the start, you’ve increased the number of perspectives, backgrounds, and ideas in the room.

When you brainstorm new solutions or make key company decisions, you’ve got a diverse set of people with their own thoughts and suggestions.

This makes your decision-making more nuanced because you’ve taken a greater number of things into consideration.

While you might think your idea is top-notch, a coworker can point out key flaws or holdups you’re more likely to miss, like hidden costs or feasibility issues. Their feedback can take your plan from good to excellent. 


Even professional authors and journalists have an editor look over their work before it gets published. Why? Because it’s often hard for us to be objective about our own work and catch mistakes. When you work collaboratively with your team members, they can provide unique perspectives and help your entire team make more informed decisions.


An employee working alone only has his/her experiences and skills to work with. Even the best employees in your company are not going to be fantastic at everything you throw at them. 

When you work collaboratively, everyone brings something unique to the table, upping the skillset you’re working with overall.


If your coworker is a great graphic designer and you’ve got the writing chops, working collaboratively helps produce a way better product than either of you guys would have created on your own.

Collaborative task management also makes it really easy to get help when you need it. When your team communicates frequently and works together, you can avoid stucks, the situation when an employee is “stuck” on a certain project or task and can’t get it moving forward without help.

With combined skillsets and expertise on the table to start, team members can help those who have questions about what they’re working on and even onboard new hires more quickly and efficiently.


It can be frustrating to work on a project and encounter the same issue over and over again. Sometimes, you really need an added boost from your teammates to get you back on track when you're feeling low. 


When employees are motivated and engaged with their work, research shows that they're more productive and satisfied overall. 

While plenty of people are excellent self-motivators, sometimes that extra piece of encouragement from coworkers can help an employee push through difficult tasks and get to the end result. 

A collaborative team environment keeps team members focused around their projects and inspired to succeed. 

While some projects inevitably require individuals to work alone or separately, overall collaborative task management can have a big impact on how your company performs. When your teams are aligned around similar tasks and work well together, you can easily diversify your ideas and skillset, improve decision-making, and stay motivated. 

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