Scale Up Without Compromising Your Purpose

Posted by The Align Team on Nov 16, 2016 12:28:00 PM

Core values define your organization. They provide a structure and purpose to everything your company does. But when businesses begin to scale up quickly, it can be difficult to keep those defining core values in mind.

With shifts in technology and culture, leaders must be ready to adapt their companies to meet a changing landscape. It can be tempting to do away with your previous vision and embrace a whole new set of ideals.

How to Scale Up Without Compromising Your Purpose


When thinking about your organization’s purpose, consider these key questions:

Is our company mission still relevant in the industry?

How has our purpose changed over time?

Are company goals aligned to our core values?

While some are quick to denigrate changes in company values, this phenomenon, also known as “mission drift” , isn’t always for the worst.

If your initial purpose and objectives are outdated in light of new levels of growth or other external factors, you may find that adaptation is necessary. A complete shake-up of your company culture is usually overkill, but making a few key adjustments can be wildly successful. Your core values are still the backbone of your organization, but you can redefine key priorities to better suit the direction your company is moving and accommodate new levels of growth.  This reevaluation helps you scale up your organization without compromising your original purpose.

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Forbes identifies several factors that limit the extent an organization can adapt to change. Don’t let your company be one that fails to adapt.

Once you have reconsidered your company’s purpose and values, it is essential to communicate any changes with your employees. Scaling Up author Verne Harnish suggests that teams with strong moral character perform better and are more likely to succeed.

Align your team to these core values by creating a steady rhythm of open communication. This can be done in several ways. One strategy is to keep your company purpose and goals visible—somewhere that employees can access regularly.

Another way to ensure alignment to your values is to tailor your organization’s actions to accurately reflect your purpose whenever possible. Incorporate your values into daily business activities, and your team will be able to understand exactly what your company believes in.

Adapting your company purpose does not spell the end of your values or a descent into anarchy. Scaling up your company can be an ethical process which your employees feel comfortable with. Open communication and a reevaluation of your key priorities help keep your team on track with the company purpose and aligned with your goals moving forward.

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