Why You Need Team Alignment at Every Level of Your Company

Posted by The Align Team on Dec 28, 2016 8:02:00 AM

Business leaders across the world agree that team alignment is the backbone of successful companies. But often when leaders try to improve alignment in their organization, they focus entirely on making sure that the executive team shares the same vision and priorities going forward. In actuality, you need alignment at every level of your company in order to execute strategically and see lasting growth.

Why You Need Team Alignment at Every Level of Your Companyteam-alignment-at-every-level-of-your-company.png

Research shows that alignment is an integral aspect of effective leadership teams. When your executive team is aligned around the same key goals and priorities, you can work together more efficiently and develop a specific, focused endpoint for success.

However, alignment shouldn’t stop with your company’s main leadership team. Ideally, you should strive for team alignment within every function and department of your organization. When each person shares the same objectives and vision for the future, your entire team can work together as one unit and stay on track to achieve company goals. With clear priorities in mind, even entry-level employees can identify which tasks require higher levels of attention and urgency. 

Verne Harnish, author of Scaling Up and Rockefeller Habits, suggests that companies in the process of scaling up particularly need clear communication from their executives to their middle management.Founding leaders need to pass on insights they’ve gleaned from the early stages of their business, including their decision-making tactics and main challenges and frustrations.


Aside from allowing your executives to pass on the knowledge and skills they have gained throughout their endeavors, Inc. Magazine suggests that team alignment is an important tool to bolster your organizational health.

Organizational health is a term coined by business leader and author Patrick Lencioni which refers to several specific actions you can take to make your company function more effectively. These include building a cohesive leadership team, creating clarity amongst that team, and communicating that clarity to every person in the organization. Essentially, companies with strong organizational health inherently have high levels of alignment throughout their organization.

Lencioni claims that companies with high organizational health have a competitive advantage over others in their industry since this cohesion strengthens engagement, improves productivity, and accelerates the process of solving problems when employees get stuck on tasks.  With this in mind, it is essential to promote team alignment at every level of your company. 

Team alignment is extremely useful in helping your company achieve consistent revenue and stay on direction to achieve your business goals.  Incorporate alignment strategies at every level of your organization in order to boost your revenue and scale up quickly.

There are a variety of tactics to improve alignment throughout your organization.  If you liked this post, check out 3 ways using business management software can help you align your team today. Subscribe to our blog for more information!


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